Where do I start with my Cyber Security? How do I make sure that my business is secure? As a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer, these are questions that I get asked all of the time by business owners and executives. The CISO Hotline Podcast will interview experts in the field, answering questions submitted by you, and sharing information that isn’t readily available online, practices only known among IT and cyber security professionals.

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Gabriel Friedlander talks to us about Security Awareness Training, security for your kids and Privacy concerns

Gabriel is an expert in cyber security auditing, visibility and controls, and has recently started his own Security Training company Wizer, where they offer a Free-ium model with great success.  We also discuss his passion around privacy and his concerns for our children’s security at a time when the Internet has really reached its peak. Gabriel Freddlander, Founder and CEO of Wizer, Founder and Board Member ObserveIT.

Jim King, SVP | CISO of Finicity on how to create a security program from scratch at a high-growth startup

You are tasked with creating a new security program for your business, so where do you start?  Jim King of Finicity talks about what to do first, and the 5 things you need to do to set the ground work to have a successful program.

Earle Foote CEO, Nexus IT - Educating Teams to Avoid Security Breach

Todd sits down with Earl Foote to discuss the basic security operations that every business should have as well as how to ensure that your educating your employees to avoid threats and risks.

2FA and Visibility with Ryder Gaston from PINN

Todd sits down with Ryder Gaston from PINN and talks about 2-Factor Authentication, how the user experience is changing today and how cyber security is impacting everyone’s visibility and lifestyle






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